Sunday, 5 July 2015

Our first Working Bee

Earlier this year we were asked by Helen Page, a Trust member who is overseeing the revitalisation of the landscaping at the cemetery, if the Friends would be interested in creating a working bee group to assist the cemetery staff's work.   After a letter drop to many households in the streets surrounding the cemetery we welcomed four very enthusiastic "neighbours" who were joined by some equally enthusiastic FOBKC members and the first gardening working bee was off to a good start on Saturday, 2nd May. 
The working bees will be primarily focusing on removing large areas of ivy which has become very invasive.
For our first outing we attacked an area east of the rotunda under a large, 100-year old oak tree.
When we removed the ivy from here
We found this beautiful headstone 

But there was more ..
 and after several hours work this was the result


Well done to all involved.

Since then the under-canopy has been lifted and this result is outstanding.
The working bees take place on the first Saturday of the month, starting at 10:00 am and finishing up around 3:00 pm.  Volunteers are welcome to come and go at any time during that period.  Coffee, tea and biscuits are on hand for anyone who would like a break to sit back and admire the work they've done.  And let me tell you there are some very satisfied workers.  

As the location varies, call or email if you'd like to join us so that we can let you know where we will be on any given day.  (Call Pauline on 0417 278 950 or email

PS:  If you find a brand new pair of secateurs - they're mine.

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